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Jan 09, 2016

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TL;DR: Craft inventions and Discover recipes.

Dawn of Crafting is a unique iOS game about crafting in the Stone Age.

You are a lost young Homo Sapien whose village was destroyed by the Homo Erectus. Master Crafter Alf, one of the best crafters of the age, takes you as his apprentice and teaches you the fine techniques of crafting. You learn everything you can, increase your skills, discover new recipes and craft a lot of items. You start building a new village with Alf. Occasionally other people, like merchants, gamblers, Neanderthals, Erectus, thieves, storytellers, visit your village. Someday you will reproduce and create a new Sapien. The young crafter will start learning the fine arts of crafting and further progress humankind.

Gather food, cook it, eat it, make an axe, chop down a tree, craft tools, craft containers, try to discover another recipe, need a better tool for it, gather more wood, peel the wood, get some vine, sharpen some stones, try to craft a knife, talk to a Neanderthal, feel lost, think of what you were going to do, oh right! Discover that darn recipe!

Dawn of Crafting is inspired by the games Minecraft, Ultima Online, Civilizations, A Dark Room, Little Alchemy.

• Most updated iOS game of 2016, with 61 updates in 2016.
• 20% of our players spend 20+ hours, 10% spend 40+ hours playing.
• Mash of 6 genres: RPG, Puzzle, Incremental, Adventure, Unfolding, Crafting.


A Prototype Code Name: Crafter Game

Prototype for Crafter Game started at Dec 2015. After a week of development it was submitted to the App Store and was released at Jan 09, 2016. It was also free with no Ads, no IAPs. It would take a real optimist to call it a game at this point. Even we wouldn't play this game, so why would someone else?

While working on a little more playable version, we were expecting the game to be completely ignored. No downloads, no comments, no emails. Then someone left this review:

Good start - 5 Stars
"Pretty fun actually. Eventually the game crashed and I lost my progress, but it shows potential. I had just unlocked cherries and it wasn't clear if there was much more content. You should check out /r/incremental_games on Reddit this game is kind of like what that community likes."
by Qazedsaw – Jan 12, 2016

We were surprised, someone actually cared and gave 5 stars to our little concept. We learned he wanted to see more content and we learned about a new community, /r/incremental_games. We found out that this incremental games community is full of early adopters that will try games regardless of their graphics and completeness. This community was a gold mine for us because:

1. This was our first game ever! We didn't know how to make any game, especially a fun game.
2. We lacked patience. We are not the types of people who can stick to a game in stealth mode for 2 years and release it, we needed that feedback adrenaline.

So we started to post to /r/incremental_games whenever we made an update to get new players and new feedback. No one cared, so we had to hunt every new player one by one, convince them to play the game, note their criticism and fix the stuff they told us.

More Feedback

A while later we got another review:

Simple yet Addictive - 4 Stars
"Normally I do not comment on any app. Yet now, with this nice idea packaged into a simple yet quickly to understand style, I am writing my first review. I can not wait until I get more quests and unlock more recipes. I feel like there is so much more I still need to discover. It would help to get a craft list as well, instead of just the recipes for the food. Since now I have no idea of how to combine my other items. So there is a little point to improve, other than that- I'm addicted as of now."
by Salaya – Jan 22, 2016

Wow, this dude who doesn't comment on any apps just left us 4 stars and said he is addicted to our black and white game? Also gave us the idea to add a Recipe Book, which is basically a built in wiki for all the crafting recipes. He wants more quests, more recipes other than food. We didn't have anything else at that point. We didn't even had food that makes sense to craft at this point, like peeling bananas.


We got into a habit of weekly updates because at the time app updates was released 1 week after submitting to the App Store. So we sent an update for version 2 and worked on making version 3. Whenever version 2 went live, we uploaded version 3 and started working on version 4. This way we improved the game really fast in small amount of time. We asked for ideas, feedbacks from our player base which was slowly growing and interacting on our reddit community. Any good idea we received that we could build, we built it. Even bad ideas were very helpful because they were the seed that sparked better ideas. At this point the content and mechanics really got deeper and we started getting more praises and good reviews. Some players said to at least charge a dollar so this gem wouldn't get lost between the crappy free games, so made it $0.99.

UX and Graphics

A lot of people didn't understand how to play. The game was text based with buttons, but players tried dragging stuff around. So we added dragging and swiping type of interactions so the game would feel more natural.

Another problem was a lot of people who would love the game didn't even give it a chance. Because the game was black and white, and the item images were randomly downloaded from Google Images. We were generating some revenue from our the game at this point, so we used that to hire freelancer artists to make the game more pretty and the items look unified.

Some players said they felt spoiled from such a good game and wanted to donate, so we added IAP donations.

Crafter Game -----> Dawn of Crafting

March 17, 2017
We made a post a few months ago to get suggestions for a new name. We got a lot of names, then made a poll with them. The name suggested by our active player AntiLiterat was instantly liked by the community at the first post and it also won the poll. So thats where the name "Dawn of Crafting" came from.

At this point we have thousands of more ideas to add and only a smaller percentage of the players will see them all anyways. So we started polishing the game, fixing bugs, adding quality of life features that affect all the players, not just the most hardcore.

Global Launch

May 18, 2017
We think our game is ready for global release after a year of hard work and 63 updates. We'll keep working on the updates but our 1 week schedule might change because of App Store mechanics.


  • 343 Items
  • 237 Recipes
  • 87 Quests
  • 15 Skills
  • 20+ hour playtime
  • Resource Management
  • RPG Equipment System
  • Character Progression
  • Built-in Recipe Book: No more wiki-ing!
  • Deep Recipes: Use crafted items as ingredients
  • Unfolding new Mechanics as you progress through the ages
  • Surprising Events: Prepare to deal with the dangers of stone age.
  • Infinite Replayability: Even when you think it ends, there's more!
  • Simple Gathering: Tap to gather, equip axe and tap to lumberjack.
  • Thought Provoking: Computers crash when they’re out of RAM. We’ve seen people crash while crafting.
  • 3 Save Slots
  • Single Player
  • iCloud Saving
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • No Ads and No IAP Required


Trailer  YouTube



There are far more images available for Dawn of Crafting, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "#1 Most Liked Incremental Game" - http://incrementalgame.com/
  • "#1 Highest Rated Incremental Game" - https://plaza.dsolver.ca/games
  • "#1 iOS Game, Macedonia" - https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/top/
  • "#1 RPG Game, Sweden" - https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/top/
  • "#1 RPG Game, Ukraine" - https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/top/
  • "#2 RPG Game, United Kingdom" - https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/top/

Selected Articles

  • "Dawn of Crafting draws the player in with a very thematic and logical approach to the crafting genre. (4 Star Review)"
    - Matt Skidmore, Writer, Pocket Tactics
  • "Dawn of Crafting puts you in the shoes – or lack thereof – of a lost Homo Sapien. (4 Star Review)"
    - Jeremy, Writer, Touch Tap Play
  • "There’s a surprising amount of depth to Dawn of Crafting that its simple interface belies"
    - Jillian Werner, Writer, GameZebo
  • "Deep and slick crafting RPG with hours of gameplay"
    - Istara, Editor, iOS RPG Site
  • "Excellent game which becomes my current love!"
    - Oishi Parsia, Digital Marketer, Gameover Studio
  • "Quickly evolves a strong pull where you want to finish some project and suddenly look up and realize you've spent hours on it without noticing."
    - Tobold Stoutfoot, Writer, Tobolds Blog
  • "Dawn of Crafting continues to be the most underrated game on the App Store."
    - Justin Davis, Executive Editor, IGN
  • "I downloaded Dawn of Crafting and now I want to punch @ErrorJustin in the back of the head. I can't stop playing it."
    - Steve Butts, Editor-in-Chief, IGN
  • "Amazing incremental game that keeps you glued to your phone. Just remember to put it down and take breaks!"
    - Ross Dyson, Featured on Product Hunt
  • "You forage, hunt, gather stuff, and unlock more and more sophisticated recipes."
    - Nick Vigdahl, Staff, Pocket Tactics
  • "Great civilization game with elements of RPG, puzzle and adventure!"
    - Mel, Editor, AppgeFahren
  • "Dawn of Crafting introduces new mechanics over its hours upon hours of gameplay, so just sit back and enjoy."
    - Tyler Tschida, Editor, App Advice

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About Demi and Goku

Two brothers making a unique iOS game focused on crafting mechanics.

They were frustrated by all game companies who didn't care much about the crafting mechanics, so they decided to craft a game that did.

They are known to care about their players, their actions, inputs, thoughts and ideas. They develop games with the input of the community. This gives an edge over most other games.

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Dawn of Crafting Credits

Demir Berkay Yilmaz
Design, Programming

Goktug Yilmaz
Design, Programming

Mango Graphic Design
Art, Freelancer

Federico Meloni
Character Art, Freelancer

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